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Keifer's Kettle Korn in the News!

Check out some of the coolest pics and videos of Keifer's Kettle Korn.
Our Production Facility

NBC News came to visit our production facility in Voluntown, CT to learn all about the process of making kettle corn. Check out the video to learn about the process of making kettle corn and to check out the awesome stirring head we have for our kettle.

Hand Popping Corn

Every batch of kettle corn we make is individually measured, popped, and then hand-bagged.  Popcorn for our retail locations is expertly crafted by our shop staff.  And when we bring our show on the road, each batch of kettle corn also needs to be hand-stirred. Watch Keith prepare a tasty batch of traditional kettle corn-- we're tired just watching.

Favorite Memories

The process of starting a business, and subsequently growing it, has led us on all types of great adventures (and a few less than fun ones too).  Whether its meeting Star Wars characters at Jones Beach or watching Senator Blumenthal enjoy a bag of our corn, there is certainly always something interesting happening at Keifer's Kettle Korn.

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