About Us

  In the summer of 2003, we went on a quest to find the perfect popcorn. Having once enjoyed kettle corn at a local event, we combed country fairs and farmer’s markets in search of the product we had so loved. But while we tried kettle corn by hundreds of vendors in fairs all over the northeast region, never once did we taste a product which met our expectations.Keifer’s Kettle Korn is the result of our quest to find that perfect kettle corn.

  Making the very best kettle corn starts with the quality of the ingredients. We tried every variety of gourmet mushroom corn available before finally settling on a top grade product from a small Nebraskan farm as our staple corn. Soy, canola, vegetable, sunflower and blended oils all fell short. Ultimately we found that pure, domestic sourced corn oil produced the very best product. When we ironed out our secret formula and finalized our process we realized that we had a truly exceptional product on our hands.

We realized we had something extraordinary...

We brought the same intensity and attention to detail that drove our selection of ingredients into every aspect of our operation and people responded. Overnight, it seemed, we developed a strong fan base among local markets and country fairgoers. The response we received from our first customers can only be described as extraordinary. With the support of our customers, we grew: from a single event operation, we expanded to become a major presence in the northeast regional country fair and farmer’s market community.

From those beginning we have expanded into the retail market. Many speciality markets and farm stands throughout Connecticut now carry Keifer's Kettle Korn. And 2014 is poised to be a year of even greater growth as we open a new manufacturing location. Throughout this growth, our focus has remained the same: to produce the best quality kettle corn on Earth.

We believe that our product speaks for itself. One bite and you’ll understand why we call Keifer’s Kettle Korn a “highly addictive substance!"

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8oz Bags, available in three killer flavors.

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One ounce party bag assortments starting at 25 units!

Our Favorite Facebook Comments:

Keep an eye on our website as we are beginning to make those exciting changes we've been promising (hint-- check out the ingredients page)

--January 20, 2014

Keifer's Kettle Korn will be returning to the Bozrah Farmer's Market for the 2014 Market Season as a full-time vendor. Need a popcorn fix now??? Then be sure to check them out this weekend at the Mystic St. Patrick's Parade it's always a good one!

-March 17, 2014
You guys should bring Keifer's here to CA!!!

--May 26, 2014

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We use on the highest quality ingredients in our products. We begin with magic mushroom popcorn kernels, designed to pop large and completely. The kernels are popped in 100% pure corn oil along with pure cane sugar, and a touch of salt and cinnamon. And to ensure you have the best product available, that is where we stop.
Pure, clean, and tasty!

Keifer's traditional kettle corn is eight-allergen free. That means our products are:

* gluten-free
* dairy-free
* nut-free (neither peanuts nor tree nuts are used in our products)
* soy-free
* egg-free
* fish and shellfish-free

Most of our speciality flavors, including garlic maple pepper, pumpkin spice, maple, jalapeño, and chocolate are also meet the criteria to be considered 8-allergen free.

Keifer's Kettle Korn meets Kosher and vegan requirements and we are currently entering the certification process for both.

Please ask about our speciality flavor ingredients should you have any dietary concerns.

Our Causes

Keifer's Kettle Korn is deeply involved in animal rights causes.

Pet Pals Northeast Fundraiser Update

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our fundraiser for Pet Pals Northeast on July 5th. We were able to raise $375 for Pet Pals' low-cost spay and neuter programs.

Encouraged by the generosity of those who participated in the fundraiser, both donating time and purchasing our products, the owner of Keifer's Kettle Korn has been moved to donate an additional $550 to help Myrtle's kitties of Danielson, CT. At 91 years old, Myrtle has been caring for a feral colony of cats with the assistance of Pet Pals Northeast. There are currently 11 cats remaining in need of being spayed/neutered. Our additional donation will take care of all 11 of these precious animals but we need your help!

To everyone who has dropped some loose change, a dollar, or more into one of our tip jars-- thank you. Keifer's Kettle Korn, Pet Pals Northeast, and most especially Myrtle's kitties appreciate your generosity!

To anyone who would like to assist us in reaching the $550 goal for Myrtle's kitties, please contact us at raina@keiferskettlekorn.com or contact Pet Pals Northeast directly.

Visit the Pet Pal's Facebook page for more information on their efforts: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pet-Pals-Northeast/179347522248209

These cuties are some of the kittens that desperately need our help:

Meet Tuffy and Tippy!

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Our Calendar

Keifer's Kettle Korn prides itself on participating in the region's best festivals, farmer's markets, and special celebrations. While you can find us popping fresh corn in the community nearly every day of the summer, we have events throughout the year, and are always seeking to explore new concession opportunities. We look forward to meeting you!

Please visit our Facebook page for details on locations and times.

August 2014 Events

Thursday July 31st- Sunday August 3rd:
Potato & Corn Festival (North Branford, CT)

Friday August 1st: Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Sunday August 3rd:
Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, RI)

Friday August 8th: Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Saturday August 9th & Sunday August 10th: Mystic Art Festival (Mystic, CT)

Saturday August 9th: Riverglow (Westerly, RI)

Sunday August 10th: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, RI)

Friday August 15th: Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Saturday August 16th: Oyster Fest (Milford, CT)

Saturday August 16th: Food Truck Festival (New London, CT)

Sunday August 17th: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, CT)

Thursday August 21st- Sunday August 24th: Brooklyn Fair (Brooklyn, CT)

Thursday August 21st: Third Thursday Festival (Willimantic, CT)

Friday August 22nd:
Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Sunday August 24th: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, CT)

Friday August 29th- Monday September 1st: Woodstock Fair (Woodstock, CT)

Friday August 29th: Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Sunday August 31st: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, CT)

September 2014 Events

Friday September 5th: Bozrah Farmer's Market-- Opening Day (Bozrah, CT)

Saturday September 6th:
Iamfestival (New London, CT)

Sunday September 7th: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, RI)

Sunday September 7th: The Providence Flea (Providence, RI)

Friday September 12th:
Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Saturday September 13th: Lycoming County Ballon Fest (Hughesville, PA)

Saturday September 13th: Bikers Against Animal Cruelty Rodeo (Wallingford, CT)

Sunday September 14th: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, RI)

Sunday September 14th:
The Providence Flea (Providence, RI)

Thursday September 18th:
Third Thursday Street Fest (Willimantic, CT)

Friday September 19th: Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Saturday September 20th- Sunday September 21st: Bellmore Street Festival (Bellmore, NY)

Sunday September 21st: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, RI)

Sunday September 21st: Puttin on the Dog (Greenwich, CT)

Thursday September 25th- Sunday September 28th: Durham Agricultural Fair (Durham, CT)

Friday September 26th:
Bozrah Farmer's Market (Bozrah, CT)

Saturday September 27th: Scarecrow Fest (Preston, CT)

Sunday September 28th: Coventry Regional Farmer's Market (Coventry, RI)

We're constantly adding new events: check back frequently and confirm our attendance by checking Facebook

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